Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Many organizations already do much of what must be done to engage people but lack a formal system that connects the dots toward a common goal. Level Up helps organizations get better traction from current engagement investments by linking processes and activities to measurable outcomes. Level Up can provide your company expert solutions in all areas of engagement.

A graphic explaining the benefits of employee engagement.

What We Do

  • Channel Engagement
    • Customer Loyalty
    • Channel Growth Strategies
    • Group Travel Incentives
    • Strategic Events
    • Interactive Promotions/Gamification
  • Employee Engagement
    • Length of Service
    • Recognition
    • Safety
    • Wellness
  • Sales Engagement
    • Points Strategies
    • President’s Clubs
    • Short-term Promotions
    • Learning & Enablement
  • Engagement assessment and gap analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Incentive and recognition program design
  • Program alignment with the latest science and best practices
  • Pre-program financial projections
  • Co-op and MDF utilization
  • Engagement portal technology
  • Peer-to-Peer recognition
  • eLearning integration
  • Social badging
  • Reward fulfillment
  • Marketing communications campaigns
  • Program management
  • Reporting, analytics, and ROI measurement

Through a transparent, managed outsourcing approach, we bring you precisely the types of solutions you need and manage them so that you get the return-on-investment built into every engagement we make with customers.