We Focus on Solutions Based on Measurable Results

“You get what you inspect, not what you expect.”
— Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

In our opinion, the biggest reasons that some incentive and recognition programs fail are because they are not implemented and monitored properly.  Simply having a program will not miraculously grow sales or make customers and employees feel valued.  Collaboration among all stakeholders and continual program monitoring are required for sustainable engagement, increased loyalty, and performance improvement.  We provide the roadmap to success along with the expert guidance for each step of your journey.   We are committed to your success before, during, and after launch whether that be for several months or ten years.

Custom Designed Solutions for Each Client

A graphic displaying gears creating an up arrow.A growing trend in our industry is the “commoditization” of engagement strategies.  In response, many of our competitors are taking the easy way out, treating all companies equally with the same “cookie cutter” products, and have stopped asking the right questions that lead to developing unique solutions that work. While this “canned” approach can be a real time-saver in the short-term, we believe it’s a colossal mistake because what works well for one company in your industry may not work well at all for your company due to cultural nuances, different go-to-market strategies, and a host of other reasons.

All people are complicated: salespeople especially so. They have to deal with regular rejection, often tedious work, and have to master large amounts of information with little available time. Additionally, customer/channel reps are often two or three steps removed from the company who is trying to engage them. This makes understanding them, communicating to them, and tracking their individual sales even more challenging.  Everyone is looking for the magic bullet that will inspire sales success: it turns out that the key ingredient everyone needs is a systematic approach that addresses all the key levers of success so that you make sure you identify the potential opportunities, obstacles, and return on investment of your efforts to achieve short- and longer-term sales goals.

A Systematic Approach to Process Design

What does that mean in practical terms?  For clients in search of measurable, meaningful and sustainable results, it means an efficient way to develop the right strategy.  While our experience and expertise across channels is vast, we do not assume that we’re the experts in your particular business.  Instead, we realize that each company has unique nuances that must be addressed for their strategy to succeed.   Working collaboratively with you, we aim to become a trusted advisor who can help you navigate the potentially overwhelming myriad of choices involved in developing and maintaining an effective engagement strategy.

Our discovery process starts with understanding your company, history, culture, goals and objectives; products and services; audiences or people who can affect outcomes; market conditions; past engagement successes and failures; available performance measures for benchmarking purposes, and more.

From this process we provide a measurable plan that draws upon the resources you already have and based on what you need, not on what we want to sell you. That means providing your company with the missing resources you need to succeed:  assessment, strategy development, financial modeling, communications, learning, innovation, rewards and recognition, reporting and analytics, and more.